Top 10 Reasons Daily Fantasy is Better than Season Long

As you continue to swallow the hard pill of the NFL fantasy football season coming to an end, there's no better time than now to reflect on why daily fantasy is so much better than the season long concept. Below are the top 10 reasons why daily games "pwn" traditional play.

#10 It Involves More Skill

Sure; season-long play has some strategy to it, but playing one-week fantasy football (daily games) takes a tad bit more. Unlike daily games where the majority of the strategy is based on having a good draft, daily games put your skills to the test each and every week and it involves a lot more than just making moves from your bench or trying to process a waiver.

#9 You Win More Often

Who doesn't like winning? With the ability to play against friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers each and every week, there is a lot more opportunity for bucket loads more joy.

#8 Stats Mean More

If you like fantasy football, you probably love statistics. With daily fantasy, statistical based choices become that much more important. Daily games open up the entire field, no pun intended, and allow you the joy of consuming more information.

#7 Draft on Your Time

Forget waiting for someone to make a pick in the 8th round as things snake back around to your pick. With daily games, you can draft whoever you want, whenever you want, on your time. Spend just a few minutes or invest an hour plus in picking the perfect lineup.

#6 Never Worry about Bye Weeks Again

If the player isn't playing, simply plug someone else in (someone a lot better than the guy you'd have on your bench in a season long league. It's that simple.

#5 Forget about Injuries

They don't matter anymore. Unlike traditional / season-long play where an injury can ruin your entire season, daily games don't lock you into one lineup. Every week or day is a fresh slate.

#4 Better Affiliate Systems

Daily fantasy games have opened the door to a 2nd form of income for many people. Not only can you win money playing daily games each and every day, or week with NFL, but you can also cash in with a wide variety of affiliate / referral systems that pay you for getting others involved.

#3 Don't Feel Odd Rooting for Your Team

One of the downsides of being a fantasy sports player often involves rooting against your team in very strange ways. Are you a Patriots fan who is hoping for a victory but wants a high-scoring, close-game so that Eric Decker can help you out this week? Come on. Seriously? Don't bring those issues upon yourself ever again.

#2 Look like an Expert

With all the chances to win, there is no better way to demonstrate your fantasy skills to others than by climbing the leaderboards and showing off your wins and winnings. Unlike season-long which is so much more about luck and health, daily will demonstrate how much of a fantasy expert you really are.

#1 More Fantasy = More Fun

Daily fantasy sports gives you the opportunity to do what you love much more often. Unlike season long which takes on more of a maintenance role, daily gives you all the best parts about fantasy sports each and every time you play.